Time Desk Software Review: Real Time Time-tracking Software for Teams

What Is Time Desk

Time Desk is a time tracking software for teams. It helps employers make sure that their employees are using the company time productively.

It helps track the productive and unproductive apps that your team members.

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The features:

  • Time tracking
  • Screen shots
  • URL tracking
  • Document title tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Productivity analysis

This is a screen shot of the Time Desk dashboard:

time desk software

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Track Apps, URLs and Offline Time

See which apps your team is using while completing the assigned tasks and categorize them into productive and unproductive for completing the specific tasks.

It also allows you to check the document titles the employees are working on like if they’re working on Excel or Word etc.

The software can also be used if you are a freelancer to track the time that you spent on a project and send it to your employer.

Integrated with Different Apps

And it can be integrated with the following apps:

Desk Time software


Their support team is always available on email, live chat or voice mail.

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Your Data is Safe

They use technologies like Security encryption and Firewalls to keep your data safe.


Desk Time is free for one user only, while you can use their price calculator to find out the specific price of the package that you want according to the number of members in your team.


1. It maximizes productivity. It helps companies pinpoint inefficient work habits.

2. Automatic monitoring. Companies can be sure that their employ time is being monitored automatically without having to enter data manually.

3. Computer use monitoring. It allows employers to monitor the websites which are being used by employees.

4. A communication platforms. In the software there are stored also the contacts of the employs, so managers can contact them.

5. Mobile monitoring. There is also the mobile version of the app for when employees are on the go. The mobile version works on Android and IOS.


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How to Work with Time Desk

In order to start working with Time Desk you have to first intall it.

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They you will be directed to log into with the application. After this the software will start tracking your time. And if you don’t log out it will track your time every time you open your computer.

The manager is able to group apps into productive ones and unproductive ones. The productive ones are shown with green in the picture below:

Desk time software

They can set an app as productive, non-productive or neutral by going into Setting ans then Apps.

They can also enable screen shots by goign to accounts and settings like shown in the picture below:

desk time software

For a more detailed view of the application use the Reports section.

The application will also track if no actions were taken for more than 3 minutes on a computer. This time can be increased in the settings and it is possible to track the time away from the computer as productive. The manager can also download the data into Microsoft Exel.

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