Morning Routine Reminder Apps 2022

To be honest, an app reminded me that I need to finish this article. The one thing that you will always have on you is your phone, this is a way to assure that you will always be reminded to get the jobs done. Better use the apps than rely on your memory to get the things done. These 14 top apps were selected on the following criteria:

  • popularity
  • integration with other apps
  • ease of use

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These apps are great for elevating your morning routine and if you want a step-by-step process we also recommend the S.A.V.E.R.S outlined in The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Best Reminder Apps


nTask is one of the top three reminder apps for IOS and Android devices. It is used by more than 100,000 individuals and teams. Use this app to get notifications by creating a task and setting its due dates. It allows you to set both the planned date and actual date. nTask gives you the ability to set reminders and notifications as per your preference through the management panel. Features: planned and actual due dates, to-do lists and task progress, team collaboration, project management, integration with Zoom and Outlook.

Pricing: the basic plan is free, the business plan is $8. nTask is the best reminder app to manage all you tasks projects, meetings and deadlines in one place.

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Best app to start your morning routine. Since todoist has been designed to be a time management app it will help you track you habits. Set you goals and get reminders on what you need to accomplish. This app can be a great ally to help you stay on track.

It is probably the most popular app on this listice. If you wonder how to use a reminder app, it’s fine you don’t have too. With todoist it is all gamified. It learns how you spend your time and which reminders are recurring. It priorities your reminders for you. Features: delegate tasks, tasks and project comments, prioritizes tasks.

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Loophabit tracker

If you want to develop positive habits this app is of a great help. Use this app to remind of the things you need to do the moment you wake up. If your morning routine includes doing certain things just certain days a week the flexible schedule feature allows you to set this routine in you app. The graph provides you with a detailed view of you progress in developing a habit.


Habitica app gamifies your morning routine. Habitica is all about adding new habits interactive and fun. Gamify your goal setting. Its vintage design is what it makes it unique. Put in a positive habit and do it repeatedly, for example have breakfast before leaving to work. Falling into a negative habit will cost you some losses. To do lists in this app will help you gain more points. What can be more satisfying than being rewarded as you cross things out of you list.


It’s the kind of app which makes you believe in the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. It has a simple interface with a lot of features. It enables you to add photos and PDFs to you tasks. Pricing: basic is free, paid plans start at $5 a month.

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To Do Reminder

This app has a lot going on. It features a dark mode, integration with Facebook and Google Calendar. Voice commands are the best way of getting things done fast. Features: day and night mode, alarm, voice command.

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BZ Reminder

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Unlike the apps discussed above it doesn’t have many features, however, the few features it has been extremely impressive. You can color-code your reminders. Features: repeat tasks, birthday reminder, calendar, pricing: basic and free. Paid plans start from $4.

Google Keep

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It is a well-known reminder app. The app is so good that it can almost count as a to-do app. It gives you location based reminders. If you have a reminder to go shopping to a local shop, it will reminder you when you are in that area. Features: easy to use, location based reminders.

Microsoft ToDo

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As expected, Microsoft has shown its magic with this app as well. Intelligent features make Microsoft to do a complete package. You can have it on you lap top, tablet and phone. Features: see all you tasks all at one, change how you add you tasks, see your completed tasks more easily.


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Rembo is more of a bot than an app. It lets the IOS users have their reminder speak to them. It’s like having your assistant moving around with you. Rembow is completely free which makes it the best reminder app for iPhone. Features: jokes and motivational quotes, unique style.

Things 3

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Things 3 keeps things simple yet stylish. You can make categories of your reminders, tasks and even projects. Anything can be added to these reminders and tasks. This app also integrates with your phone calendar and makes sure you never miss a thing. You get interruption free data back-ups. Features: sub tasks, multi-view. Pricing $20, $50 for Mac.

Fantastical 2

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The app has a natural language input and a gorgeous interface with it. This really gives you the feel of a personalized app. It integrates with Zoom and Google Hangouts. Features: work on multiple tasks simultaneously, integration with Zoom and Hangouts. Pricing $3 for iPad.


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It’s a rather interesting app for setting up reminders, tacking notes and manage you to do lists. It has a few tricks like the time travel feature. It helps you to navigate to a past or future date effortlessly. Features: quickly jump to a future or past date, daily notes. Pricing: $2 per month or $20 per year.

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The best part is that it’s cross platform compatibility.

As far as the reminders are concerned, you can set reminders and it also pulls gentle reminders once you are near a favorite shop. It’s a great app with plenty of features. Features: create reminders specific to Geo location, use as a personalized approach to setting reminders when you need a specific location, create lists of everything you need to do easily, automatically sorts all reminders in a chronological order.

Final Words

I hope that this list has helped to make up your mind about the application that suits you best. Our readers love sifting through valuable feedback that helps them make up their mind before starting using and app.

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