Citrus Book Bindery Review

Citrus Book Bindery Review

I have always been obsessed with planning in cute organized notebooks. Citrus Book Bindery is a company which sells notebooks of any kind, including ones made for bullet journeying, personal agendas and tacking notes.

One category which I hadn’t seen before are the travelers notebooks.

It sparked my interest to know if they were organized differently, but in that they were just like any other notebook.

Their product categories include bullet journals, open spine books, travelers notebooks and pens and accessories.

What sets their journals apart from other companies is that they are hand-made.

They are also able to re-fill which means adding additional pages to your journal.

A Closer Look

I would personally prefer a book with a spine as you can write on it better when you are not sitting on a desk. And I like my journal for tacking notes thinner because it can be carries around everywhere.

I tend to take notes on my lap in some situations rather than on a desk. Also, bullet journeying the traditional way seems a little too much for me and kind of waste of time.

The Citrus Book Bindery are beautiful and they of course come with a higher price than an average notebook (about 7 bucks). These notebooks are beautifully hand-made and they have an artistic value.

Are They Worth It

I am all about organization, but I wouldn’t care so much about an artistic journal. I am the type of person who is into journeying just for the purpose of being organized and getting more things done.

Most people use the bullet journal method to manage their time. And the Citrus Book Bindery notebooks are great for this.

But I warn you to not get into the habit of buying a lot of notebooks to journal just jumping from one new thing to another and focus more on getting results.

In fact, what I would prefer most in a journal is having a template kind of one which I can fill and which is adapted to my productivity style that I use.

But at the moment I don’t use a journal and instead I plan only online using Google Calendar.

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